Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Donations delivered 9/18/12

On Tuesday, 9/18/12, Mary Yeager and I drove to Ellensburg, WA and delivered the donations that was raised at the Under The Sky At Mount Si Benefit Concert for the Taylor Bridge Fire Victims held at The Nursery at Mount Si North Bend, WA. The total amount raised that night was $1500. With $1000 going to HopeSourceand $500 deposited into the United Way of Central WA Kittitas County Fire Relief Fund... Many hands make light work. Thank you to everyone :)

My Thank You Note

This will be a lengthy post as there are so many people we would like to thank.. Wanted to take a whole day to rest, absorb, and reflect on the magical night we had at the Nursery At Mount Si. First and foremost, thank you to Nels & Anne Melgaard for opening up their land and stage so we all could enjoy a night of great eclectic music and come together to donate money to help the Taylor Bridge Fire victims in Cle Elum. Thank you to Wilkins Melgaard for opening up the show. What a wonderful person and singer/songwriter. Remember this guy, you'll hear more great songs come from him. Thank you to David Ayers & Marlin Martindale for doing an extraordinary job w/ sound. We sure gave them a challenge w/ all the switching we did, but they handled it like masters and on top of it all, they are genuine & very kind people. Thank you to Chris Smith for letting this night use your spotlights so we all on stage could feel like rock stars! Thank you to Leah & Larry from the Sallal Grange for doing an excellent job in running concessions and keeping our bellies full and coffee hot :) Thank you to Frankies Pizza of North Bend for donating all that good pizza to a great night and cause. 

Thank you to Clint McCune and Jim Marcotte for agreeing many months ago to play Under The Sky At Mount Si on 9/8/12. Your individual talents and hearts added so much to this night. To all the other guest musicians, thank you for making it way out to North Bend to add and contribute your waves of love and music to the night.Kevin OaksDeborah OaksAnita EnsleySara Pelfrey, Laura LagerstedtSam Straub, & Bill Riach. A special thank you to Geli Wuerzner for adding her wonderful violin sounds to many of the songs from that night. Your talent and musical instincts are awe inspiring. Also your ChiLLing original song "Spirit" that you played w/ a lightning show behind you. Mike Antone & Camelia Jade were playing at the Snoqualmie Brewery that evening - in the spirit of the "Give and let give" night.. they collected donations during their performance and added that to what was collected at the Nursery Concert. So many people came together that night! Thank you Mike and CJ!

A very special hug and thanks to Mary for being such a great organizer/planner and teammate. All the hours she put into creating flyers, promo video, traveling together to Cle Elum/Ellensburg, walking w/ me up and down streets passing out flyers. OH, and not a bad drummer either! Yes, face it, you are a drummer :) Thank you to Kinko's for having 24hr locations within driving distance.

Thank you to Susan Grindle, CEO of Hopesource, and her colleagues for coming out to the show to talk to all of us about updates in Cle Elum and how the donations will help the Taylor Bridge Fire victims. 

I hope I am not forgetting anybody. If my brain forgot to tell my fingers to type a thank you to anybody, please know that my heart is thankful to EVERY person who attended this night, EVERY person who wanted to attend but could not, EVERY person who donated time and money, and EVERY person who put out a prayer / positive thought towards this night and to the people it will help. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Many hands make Light work .... Give and let give.

Chris Kendziorski

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Event Updates & Info

Start Time6:00pm  Doors open
                               6:30pm  Opening acts Abby Rainbow & Wilkins Melgaard
                                          7pm~10pm Music 
Minimum Suggested donation amount: $5. (Larger Donations Gladly Accepted!)
Concessions provided byNorth Bend Sallal Grange
Guest musicians: Laura Lagerstedt, Bill Riach, Sam Straub, Geli Wuerzner, Mary Yeager
BYOBB (Blanket/Beverage) & BYOC (Chair)
Note: Outdoor Concert, prepare for cooler evenings!

ANNOUNCEMENT: "Under The Sky At Mount Si" concert has now become a benefit for the Taylor Bridge Fire victims in Cle Elum, WA. All proceeds will go to helping these people. 70 homes were burned down, 48 of them were primary residence homes. We went over to Cle Elem and Ellensburg to see how that area was coping with this horrible tragedy. We found that multiple donation places were overwhelmed with food, water, and clothes. They are not short on those items. As the fire becomes contained and eventually burns out, there will be a continual need to help many of these families pick up and move on with their lives. That is where this benefit show can help. We will collect cash donations that will be put into specified accounts for the Taylor Bridge Fire victims to help them with expenses... Like temporary housing....

During our visit to the area we spoke with many people who were actively supporting the firefighting efforts, the recovery efforts and the ongoing and now enhanced efforts to help those people in need. There are many accounts that have been opened up so those that wish to make donations can do so. During our visit on August 22nd we met with representatives of two organizations that we have determined can do much with whatever funds will be raised and donated their way. We have been assured and are confident that 100% of the donated funds will be funneled directly to those effected.

 http://www.hopesource.us/aboutUs.html provides a wide range of services for citizens in need. From transportation to mental health services to food banks and housing and everything in between. They are actively working with landlords to make arrangements for temporary housing for those displaced by the fire.

United Way of Central Washington
 http://www.uwcw.org/blog-entry/16-08-2012/supporting-people-kittitas-county-affected-taylor-bridge-fire are in the process of setting up a fire recovery fund that will be overseen by local area citizen volunteers and community leaders to ensure all funds will be directed to the right places and 100% accounted for.

Other funds and needs we learned of on our visit:

Upper Kittitas County Senior Disaster Relief Fund -
 (509) 674-7530
Animal Rescue Center - (509) 304-4805
Washington Cattlemen's Assoc. - (509) 925-9877
*specific needs mentioned were funding and volunteers to help with pasture fencing destroyed by the fire.

Ellensburg Chamber of Commerce -
 (509) 925-2002
*has information on other donation locations and trust accounts at Sterling Bank and Cashmere Bank in Ellensburg.

Special thank you to the following people who were so gracious as to take some time out of their busy days to entertain our unending questions and to educate us on the incredible efforts of so many and for sharing a few very heartwarming stories:
Cindy at Northern Kittitas Tribune; Susan, CEO HopeSource; Audrey at City of Cle Elum; Joanna, Editor Daily Record, Ellensburg; Elizabeth, HopeSource Ellensburg and Joann HopeSource Cle Elum food bank; and Jerry - the man with many hats - Kittitas County Auditor, United Way board member, volunteer firefighter.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Flyer for Under The Sky At Mount Si Benefit Concert

To print these flyers, click the "Download" button at the bottom of each flyer. After downloading, then you can easily print this PDF flyer. Here is the Full Page version of this flyer...

and here is the Half Page version of this flyer...


Friday, July 27, 2012

Chris Kendziorski bio

When Chris (aka: “the guy with that voice!”) takes the stage, large or small, his humble and sincere approach to music as language can be immediately sensed by his audience. A well told story and simple catchy melody are songs that speak to Chris and his gravel throated delivery supported by his acoustic or electric guitar provide a groove that will invite listeners to ‘take a ride with me’.  Whether you catch a 15 minute performance or a 2 hour show you will experience an aural landscape full of texture and vibration that will tickle your ears and will certainly stir your soul.



Clint McCune bio

Raw, powerful, and full of hope are just a few words that encompass this singer/songwriter. Based under the Pacific Northwest evergreens, Clint’s unique blend of rock, folk, and funk brings a power-packed performance to any stage. Clint believes that to create change you have to be bold enough to believe in people and brave enough to speak the truth, even when your voice shakes.